It is our desire to keep these properties completely unaltered, hence our water is solely bottled in glass, in a factory located in the vicity of the spring with fully automated packaging lines and according to international quality standards. Coming from an area without industrial, agricultural or tourist activities, miles away from potential sources of pollution, Aur'a water is a true blessing of nature.  

Our water presents a balanced mix of vital health properties with extraordinary benefits to our consumers' well-being - it is a source of health that purifies the body and ensures constant vitality. Its unique composition places Aur'a on the map for the global luxury water market and sets it apart from the other water brands, making it one of the most exclusive drinking waters in the world.

Laboratory analyzes conducted in both Wessling laboratories, in Altenberge (Germany) and the Laboratory of Mass Spectometry, Chromatography and Ion Physics at the National Institute for Research and Development for Isotropic and Molecular Technologies in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), reveal highly superior chemical and microbiological indicators compared to other water brands on the market.

international recognition

Aur’a is the only water produced in Romania that was awarded three gold stars and the Superior Taste Awared by the International Institute for Taste and Quality in Brussels in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Aur’a is also the only water in Romania designated as a Trust Mark and strategic partner of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Romania since 2016.

check out below  what aur'a water is made of

water components


Gold has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and it is a natural antibiotic with important antioxidant qualities, stimulates the vital force, increases the concentration capacity, also improves the brain blood circulation.

Silver has been shown to have therapeutic properties, being the best natural antiseptic, helps kill the bacteria, stimulates the leukocytes function and increases the immune system.

hydrogen & oxygen

Elemental hydrogen is the main component of the Universe, with a weight of 75% of its mass.

Oxygen represents an important part of the atmosphere, and it is necessary to support most of the terrestrial life.

8.2 ph
(still water)

Aur'a Still Water has a pH of 8.2, thus being the first indicator of its properties. Generally, alkaline water is recognized for its beneficial effects on the human body. Benefits of alkaline water are many - from cell regeneration, blood pressure reduction or aging prevention, to cell hydration, metabolic stimulation or improved physical appearance and weight control.


Compared to other types of bottled water, Aur'a has a very low sodium content. Healthy water should have a low sodium level (below 20 mg/dm3), and Aur'a still water contains 5.62 mg/dm3, while Aur'a sparkling water contains 4.5 mg/dm3. Moreover, good water (still water) should contain less than 500 mg/l of dry residue. Aur'a water (both still and sparkling) contains 396 mg/dm3.


Aur'a is held to the highest international standards of water quality. That is why since its bottling began in 2016, Aur'a Gold Water is winning taste awards, and winning big! The International Taste Quality Institute in Brussels, where the finest bottled waters from around the world compete, awarded Aur'a Gold Water the Superior Taste Award in 2016 and 2017 and the Crystal Taste Award in 2018. 


Elegant, with attitude, balanced taste and refreshing sensation, sparkling Aur'a is a true source of good energy, a reliable summer evening partner, and a great choice for anyone who wants something really special.

still water 75 cl (25.3 oz) 
33 CL (11 OZ)

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.2 and a mineral content that makes it perfectly balanced, hydrating and nourishing. It is an excellent addition next to good wines and gourmet meals. 

Love at first tasting.


SPARKLING water75 CL (25.3 OZ)
33 CL (11 OZ)

Mildly sparkling water, ready to cope with the most exacting tastes, ideal for the summer season. Highly hydrating and intense, it makes a good impression from the first sip.


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