Aur’a Natural Gold Spring Water Still 25.4 OZ / 0.75 L (Case of 6 Glass Bottle)

Aur’a Natural Gold Water | Spring Still Water | Natural Alkaline | Unique Natural Gold and Silver Nanoparticles | Electrolyte Balancing Health Tonic Water | Eco-friendly Glass Bottled Water | Bottled at the source | 25.4 OZ / 0.75 L | Case of 6

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Aur’a Natural Gold Water takes us back to our natural state of being. This water is as close as you can get to the one ancient humans drank in terms of mineral content and purity. This electrolyte balancing health tonic is bottled at the source in glass bottles that preserve its purity and fresh taste. As one of the few known waters with naturally occurring colloidal gold and silver particles, it offers powerful detoxifying qualities. Aur’a Natural Gold Water is an alkaline water with a pH of 8.25 and has been clinically tested for purity. Its superior taste has won multiple awards at international contests.

Aur’a Natural Gold Water springs from Transylvania’s Golden Hawk Mountains, a pristine, unpolluted mountain region, located far away from industrial, agricultural and tourist activities. It emerges to the surface naturally filtered by sand, gravel, cobble and clay. Crossing a gold and silver underground ore Aur’a is naturally enriched with colloidal gold and silver. It does not contain any organic matter. It is not being altered or treated in the bottling process. Aura’s unique health-promoting content and superior taste place it amongst the most exquisite bottled waters in the world.

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